Reviewed by Hailey Chen, age 14

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

Nora Grey is not someone who would be described as living in the spotlight. In fact, she didn’t even crave that type of attention, content with just her best friend and widowed mom. However, this all changes drastically when seats are changed in biology class, and she’s suddenly stuck with the mysterious transfer student she doesn’t even know the name of. After one interaction with him, Nora’s feelings are thoroughly confused—and not in a good way, seeing as strange things begin to happen with her being the main focus. Coincidence? Nora thinks not. As she delves deeper into the past to get to the bottom of things, she ends up getting more questions than answers, mainly involving her new bio partner who, for some reason, knows more about her than even her closest friends. When Nora starts to grasp at her long-awaited answer, will she choose to continue searching, or will she stop for fear of what she may find? 

Hush, Hush is a highly-rated romance/thriller/sci-fi novel that I was excited to read. Regardless, my expectations were let down when I started to actually read the book. For starters, in the actual book summary, it’s stated that Nora is caught in the middle of an ancient battle between the immortals and fallen angels. Given this, when you read this you expect it to be about said topic. This didn’t actually start until the latter portion of the book, and it doesn’t even feel like a sci-fi book at the beginning, just a thriller/romance. The second thing I’d like to highlight is Nora, the main character herself. Though I find most of the characters frustrating and slightly annoying, Patch the male lead included, Nora has to take the cake. Her mood swings gave me whiplash due to the way her attitude towards Patch changes. Does she like him? Does she not? One minute she’s saying she never wants to see him again, yet the next she suddenly has the strong urge to kiss him. Her relationship with Patch can not be seen as healthy, and I would consider Patch to be more creepy than charming. I can’t even say Nora’s relatable because her decisions sure aren’t. Though I could explore several other reasons why I didn’t enjoy this book, I’ll conclude by saying it was not my favorite.

2.5 stars. 

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