Continuing with the monthly series, Sketches and More is a virtual teen program presented in partnership with Armory Center for the Arts. The workshops are taught by staff from the Armory. These are images from the Spring 2021 series.


Mask designs

Using watercolors and markers, participants designed their own masks using inspiration from African masks. African masks play an important role in many African traditions. They symbolize transformation and are often believed to connect the wearer with the afterlife.


Freedom Quilts

Participants collaged their own “freedom quilts.” Historians believe Freedom Quilts were used as a communication method between African slaves to convey information about how to escape to freedom using the Underground railroad.


Tattoo Art

Using transfer and tracing paper, participants designed their own tattoos.


Stamping and Block Prints

Participants carved stamps using linoleum, carving tools, markers, ink, or stamp pads and made their own prints.