The levelUP Youth Leadership Conference was a hybrid conference in 2021, starting with a fair at Hastings Branch Library, followed by a series of online programs presented by our community partners. Topics offered this year include: cooking class, car design workshop, mindfulness, creative writing, and a community health education series.

Here are photos from the fair and the workshop titles and descriptions.


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levelUP: Youth Opportunities Fair

For parents and teens. Drop-in to learn about volunteer, leadership, and learning opportunities for teens from community partnerships. Talk to youth program leaders, pick up swag, and sign up for programs. In person, outdoors at Hastings Branch Library


Out of the Pantry: Cooking Class for Teens
levelUP your life skills. Cook up a tasty dish with ingredients from the pantry. Teens only. If needed, free supply kits are available for pickup from Hastings Branch Library or La Pintoresca Branch Library. Please refer to the equipment, ingredients list, and confirmation email for further instructions to ensure you’re prepared for the lesson. On Zoom.
Cool Car Essentials:  Sketching Workshop for Ages 10-14
A free industrial design-focused sketching workshop and a taste of ACX Kids, ArtCenter’s art and design program for kids in grades 4-8. Learn from ArtCenter College of Design instructor Thomas Kim. This hands-on workshop covers the fundamental drawing techniques of automotive design. Understand how and what goes into a transportation designer’s work. With registration, you may pick up a free supply kit (sketchpad, specialized pencils and markers) from Hastings Branch Library or La Pintoresca Branch Library. Come create cool cars! On Zoom.
Mindfulness is Not Necessarily Meditation
Mindfulness is paying attention, on purpose, without judgement. Mindfulness can really help us to slow things down so that we can be more intentional and responsive, instead of reacting. Being responsive is a key way to successfully manage any transition, enhance relationships and feel more in control of your emotions. Join this session to explore some mindfulness practice tips for teens and their parents, and ways that you can be mindful without always having to “do” mindfulness. Presented by Young & Healthy. On Zoom.
Bold Voices, Authentic Choices: Writing Workshop for Teens 
Explore writing fiction while incorporating diversity into fantasy worlds. Stay tuned for updates on special guest speaker(s). Presented in partnership with WriteGirl and Girl Scout Marie Sekiguchi. On Zoom.


Community Health Education Series:  presented by Planned Parenthood Pasadena & San Gabriel Valley Community Health Educator. For ages 14-18. On Zoom.

  • Getting to know your body – Reproductive Anatomy: This workshop describes accurate terminology for reproductive anatomy and reviews key functions of sexual organs. We address common misconceptions and myths, and reflect on the importance of using accurate terms to describe bodies and how they work.
  • Sexual orientation and gender identity:  Participants will define the differences between assigned sex at birth, gender expression, gender identity and sexual orientation.
  • STIs and prevention:  Review of the basics of STIs, including behaviors that may lead to infections, how STIs are transmitted, and prevention methods, including abstinence.
  • Birth control methods:  The workshop addresses behavioral, barrier, and hormonal methods and the possible benefits or side effects of each method.
  • Pregnancy options:  Explores pregnancy options and how to access information and resources for each option.

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