Youth Network – 05/06/2020

Focus:  Life Skills, Mental Health, United Youth Support





  • Jane – Library
  • Nancy – Day One
  • Ashley – Day One

Day One Advocates:

  • Aileen 
  • Jimena
  • Estrella
  • Stephanie
  • Demond
  • Karina 

Teen Advisory Board:

  • Haile
  • Noah 
  • Genevieve
  • Taleen 
  • Liam?

Youth Council: 

  • Prince
  • Luke


Notes from last month’s meeting:





Scavenger hunt – for those comfortable, turn on cameras–you should position your computer on a flat surface that you can walk away from; or type in chat box. For anyone who wants to share more about their item, feel free to use the mic.

  1. Something that represents a daily routine
  2. Your favorite or most used mug/cup at home
  3. A book you’re (enjoying) reading right now
  4. Something that makes your home workspace more comfortable for you
  5. Something you’ve found more value in since you’ve been home more


Debrief “Sketches and More” art workshop from April 29

  • What did you think? 
    • Student liked that there was screen sharing, in the moment sharing with others, and the live drawing session
    • Participants found it therapeutic
    • They didn’t know what they were going to work on during the class — We should advertise the specific project
    • Most didn’t know about the workshop — We need to advertise earlier. 
  • Other topics or styles you want to learn using this format?
  • Next one is on May 13


Levelup discussion 

  • Would you be interested in attending an online conference? (2) Yes, Not Sure, 
    • “Honestly I don’t think a conference online would have the same effect, especially since past levelUP conferences has several events to shift from” 
    • “I think if the individual events were more marketed I would go to one” 
  • What activities will work virtually? 
    • Turning on cameras not happening 
    • 25-30 minutes; maybe an hour

  • Have you attended a virtual program that you enjoyed the format? 
    • Most haven’t attended a virtual conference before
    • “I enjoyed how the presenter made each part one hour then a 30 min break.” The topic was Career Readiness, how to interview and how to be prepared for them.
    • 1-2 session each day throughout a whole week
  • What topics?
    • Future Jobs
    • Maybe something related to computer science
    • Are there any mindfully activities you’re interested in? Or mental health? Budgeting?
    • Taxes
  • What about swag that you can pick up?
    • Headphones
    • Art supplies
    • Journals
    • Masks


Summer volunteer/internship discussions ~ If it had to be virtual, what kind of opportunities can you imagine? What would you participate in? How do mentors connect with volunteers? How would training look like? What about connecting or helping others?

  • Library opportunities:
  • Interested in paid internships 
  • “I think we can still complete book reviewers and teen zine online (Library volunteers). As for other volunteer opportunities, I’m not sure how to do those online.”
  • I think all the seniors are scrambling for any work right now
  • Summer Work Component 




MENTAL HEALTH MONTH virtual events

Virtual YA Book Club – May 11

May 11 contest for Rosebud Parade

Sign up for SKETCHES AND MORE on May 13 

Marijuana Legalization 101 Webinar – May 21

Vaping 101 – What are the risks? Webinar – May 28


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