Dream Catcher Story Contest

2nd place

(Category 2: grades 6-8)


“Never Let Go”

by Pateel Krikorian

Age 13, Grade 8


     My mother used to tell me to always dream and so I did. I dreamt every night and every day. I dreamt flowers blooming from every corner of my life. Then, my mother died. All those pastel-colored flowers turned black.

     I grew up in a small town in Colorado where dreams were not affordable. Every morning I would wake up at six to watch the sunrise. The sun reminded me of her. It made me feel like she was still here.

     It was especially hard on my dad. He would tell me everything would be fine, but it was not. After school I worked in a coffee shop down the street to help my dad with the bills. I dreamt of becoming a doctor, but dad said to think about other careers. Cheaper ones. But I could not. It had been my dream ever since I was little. My mom and I used to play pretend doctor when I were younger. She would be sick, and I would help her. However, I could not save her when she really became sick, but I did not give up, even if it meant I needed to work more hours. My mother would not let me give up. So, I didn’t. I worked more hours, found better jobs, and made more money.

     When I finally finished college, I remembered the times where I was hopeless. Yet, I could not just throw away my dreams. I remembered the hundreds of friends and family members who told me I could not do it, but I kept telling myself, “Prove them wrong. Never give up on your dreams.” When I finally finished college, I proved them wrong, and I know I made my mother proud in heaven.



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