Pasadena Public Library, Teen Advisory Board, 7/17/2017

Present:  Penelope, Isabella, Madison, Mckenna, Genevieve, Sophie, Liliana, Julia, Kara, Denisse, Jane L, Perla, Brittany, Kristina, Trisha

Pre-meeting assignment: Myers-Briggs

Focus of July’s meeting: committee work




Debrief – (1-2 minutes each; 10 minutes)

Writing Meetup – Genevieve, Mckenna, Brittany

YA Book Club – Madison

Tshirt Painting – Maya, Chris

Anime – Jonathan

Wolves at Bay – Mckenna, Perla, Trisha

JPL – Kristina, Julia, Sophie, Mckenna


Discussion (30 minutes)

TAB’s mission [TABLED-ad-hoc committee to come up with recommendations-Jane L, Sophie, Kara, Trisha]

The Teen Advisory Board’s mission is to support teens in the community and provide them with support through educational and entertaining events, opportunities, and resources, while closing the achievement gap and preparing teens for a successful and fulfilling life.




Strategic Plan:

From individual member notes, the following six priorities stand out:


  • Reading/literacy
  • Computer/internet access, technology
  • Safe spaces
  • Career, job, internships, volunteer opportunities
  • Personal development; connecting with others
  • Equity


These could be our priorities for our 2017-18 strategic plan.


Action Items (10 minutes)

Vote for new TAB shirts


Committee Work Time (60 minutes)

  • Marketing – Maya (Genevieve, Madison, Bella, Jonathan, Penelope) – discuss other marketing methods besides Instagram
  • Resources & Services – Sophie (Mckenna, Lucy, Brittany, Chris, Liliana, KC, Denisse) – work on Avengers event plans
  • Volunteer Relations – Haneen (Nina, Angel, Lauren, Jane L, Trisha) – work on information for infographics
  • Teens Blog – Kara, Kristina – discuss ways of revamping the blog
  • Youth Conference – Haneen, Kara, Julia


Open floor (5 minutes)


Information items (5 minutes)


Upcoming events –

  • July 26 – Storyboarding
  • July 27 – Teen Writers (Sophie)
  • July 29 – Avengers Adventure (RS Committee)
  • Aug 3 – Movie Night (Genevieve & Angel)
  • Aug 5 – Volunteer Party (Volunteer Relations)
  • Aug 7 – YA Book Club (Mckenna)
  • Aug 10-11 – levelUP Youth Conference (all TAB) – ages 12-15 sign up: (older than 15 – help out)

These notes are for record purposes only. For more information about attending events, please see our website:

To join the Teen Advisory Board, the application and description can be found on our website:

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