recap by Brittany Romero, age 16

On June 14, “Filmmaker 101” kicked off the summer teen design programs at the Central Library. This program took place in the Studio on 4th and had quite a good turn out. A guest speaker by the name of Diana Keeler from an organization called Azure Lorica came into the library to give an introduction into filmmaking. Diana covered the process of screenwriting, pre-production, post-production, and distribution. She gave very good resources that mostly could be accessed for free on how to get started on filmmaking and resources to help with the filmmaking process. It was a very informational program and a lot was covered in the span of two hours. Towards the very end of the program there was a hands-on exercise using our own smart phones where we took photos at different angles and analyzed different scenarios and the benefits to those angles when shooting a film. I did think this program was gonna be a bit more hands on than it was but then again there is only so much you can do in two hours. As an experienced drama student with background in the filmmaking process, I had already known much of what was being discussed in the program, and thus I decided that the class was not as helpful as it could be to someone who has not had any experience in drama or the filmmaking process. However, I was introduced to a sound effect tool that I hadn’t known about before which was foley and it was actually quite interesting. Foley is a technique used to create sound effects after the shooting of a film and the makers of foley use many different tools and methods to match what sound is being made in the film.  Overall this program did have its hits and misses but it was still great that someone was willing to give their time to come into the library to talk about the filmmaking process.

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