Mr. Bodwell, Associate Director of Admissions at Maranatha High School, presented a class he created for junior high students to demystify what the admissions requirements are for most secular or non-Catholic private high schools, and what the ISEE exam is like.  He went over sample questions with the students, such as qualitative/quantitative reasoning and verbal reasoning, and how to ace the essay section.  Kids got a lot of valuable instructional materials about the ISEE and also checked out books from the library to help them with their goal over the next few months to build their vocabularies to be in good shape for this test!

Youtube Video of the presentation

Mr. Bodwell is coming back to Central Libray on Thursday, November 12 at 7 pm in the Studio on 4th, to help you prepare for the interview.  For many students this seminar is LIFE CHANGING.  You will do one-on-one mock interviews to learn first-hand that interviewing is really about making a personal connection with a human being across the table, and just showing them who you are as a human being.  It’s really not too early to start learning interview skills when you consider that you will be doing interviews for the rest of your life!  Call 626-744-4066 option 4 to reserve your spot for the interview workshop.

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