Excerpt from writing workshops facilitated by youth intern Skye Slattery.
Accompanying story provided by the workshop participants.


by Angel Tommy


Tommy wandered through the moor looking for his younger sister, Lauren. Lauren often went out into the moor to play, seeing as she was the only girl in the mansion other than the servants and maids. Soon Tommy found Lauren under the large jasmine tree in the meadow. This is where she often spent her time, so he was not surprised to find her napping in the shade of the large jasmine tree between the overgrown roots.
Tommy ran across the bright green meadow, and as he ran, he took the time to see the meadow come to life with beautiful new blossoms such as lilies, tulips, forget-me-nots, roses, and lavender. He also spotted various animals like rabbits, squirrels, ducks, and different colored birds. As soon as he reached the jasmine tree, Tommy gently lifted Lauren’s bridal style then carefully carried her across the beautiful bright green meadow through the dark green tall grass.
Then Tommy carried Lauren up the stairs into the mansion. He brought her to her bedroom, laid her on the bed, kissed her goodnight, and left. As he was heading into his room, Tommy overheard arguing coming from their father’s office. Their father and Uncle William were arguing about his cousin Charles coming over for the summer.


About the author:
Angel Tommy likes reading and loves animals. The inspiration for this story comes from early European stories like The Secret Garden.