Reviewed by Jasmine Sov, age 16

Edie in Between by Laura Sibson

All Edie Mitchell wanted to do after her mom died was to forget that she ever had magic—but it’s not that easy when it’s been in her blood for generations. After she discovers her mom’s teenage journal, it becomes abundantly clear that her magical heritage won’t be out of her life any time soon. In the journal, she learns the details of her mom’s past, grief and love affairs alike. Meanwhile, Edie finds herself falling for the charismatic Rhia, who is deeply interested in magic…and hopefully Edie too. However, when Edie inadvertently releases a dark magic from her past, it poisons her with a magical infection—the entries in her mom’s journal may hold the only way to cure it. Now, Edie must learn to harness her own magic once and for all, before she is lost to it forever.

     Edie In Between explores themes of loss and the navigation of grief, which was executed extremely well. Edie reacts to her mom’s death with anger, and her character seems self-centered at first. Later in the novel, she gradually comes to realize this and comes to terms with her own grief, making her character arc very satisfying to read. I also loved the LGBTQIA+ representation in this novel. Edie’s love sickness for Rhia was incredibly entertaining to follow and I found it hilariously realistic. However, all of the characters besides Edie, her mother, and her grandmother are quite flat. They are never quite brought to life, and their dialogue tends to be on the cliché side. All in all, Edie In Between is a fun, witchy story for those looking for a light and wholesome read.

4 stars.

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