April 7, 2021

Youth Network meeting

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Icebreaker breakout pairs – What everyday skill or knowledge do you wish you had before ? (10 min)

  • Finance
  • Retirement
  • Mortgages / rent
  • Taxes x3
  • Driving skills
  • Communication skills – reaching out to people; asking for help or to clarify instructions
  • Email skills – communicating clearly
  • Budget

Presentation – update on mental health month programs (5 min)

Poll – topics to include in digital mental health youth guide (10 min)

Information session:  (5 min)


Discussion:  (30 min)

How do you feel about going back to school?

How many of you have had discussions with parents or family about you returning to school? Were there safety measures you talked about like things you would look out for at school?

What about scheduling? Does it impact or change your parents schedules?

Who has younger siblings? How have you and your siblings arranged your home schooling setup?

Have you and your family been on the same page about the restrictions since the start? Do they involve you in decision making?

What about community programs? How do you feel about going back to after school programs or your volunteer gigs? Many of the internships we mentioned will be in person. 

What questions do you have for the school or administrators about returning?

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