Pasadena Public Library – Teen Advisory Board, 11/14/2020


Present:  Jasmine, Cassie, Leo, Genevieve, Luke, Noah


What have you been doing to help calm you down?

Holding/playing with younger sibling

Reading, writing, journaling

Spending time outdoors

Doing community services

Completing homework early

Facetime with friends


What is your school’s reopening plans for the upcoming semester?

Schools represented:  PUSD – Blair, PHS, Marshall; St. Francis, Loyola HS, homeschooling

~still uncertain whether returning to campuses


Glorifying busyness: 

Reminding you to take some mindful time for yourself.


Zine – TAB seniors for next issue:  Genevieve, Luke, Cassie



–YA Book Club for Indigenous People’s Month had low attendance, but enjoyed by attendees; wishing there was more.

–Jasmine’s origami video has premiered on YouTube:

–State of the Youth debrief

–run-through of scavenger hunt



Dec. 2 – Youth Network

Dec. Take & Make – Melty Beads – videos by Luke & Leo

Dec. painting video – watercolors – volunteer Kasey

Dec. TAB meeting – vote on contest entries – might be via email only

Dec. 13-19 – scavenger hunt

Dec. 16 – Sketches & More


Discussion: plans for Jan-Mar


Writing Meetups 

Genevieve – facilitator

Sunday afternoons at 2pm


Python – coding workshops

Noah – facilitator

9-14 ages

Cassie / noah

Selecting date(s)

Single workshop vs. series

3 workshop series


What else is happening now: 

Take and Makes + YouTube Video tutorials ~ continuing through next year

Sketches & More live workshops ~ continuing through May

Youth Network meetings ~ continuing through May (except Jan.)

Writing Contest ends Nov 30

Zine finishing next few week ~ publishing early 2021


Tentative January schedule: 

Writing meetup

Cooking workshop with intern – ingredients for pickup

Sketches & More


Tentative February schedule: 

Writing meetup

Cooking workshop

Python coding?

Educator Night

Sketches & More

Youth Network


Next steps:

Decide on date(s) for writing meetups — Genevieve

Decide on date(s) for Python coding — Noah & Cassie

Python lesson plan – Noah, with assistance from Cassie

Zine article questions – Genevieve, Cassie, Luke (around March)

Connect Genevieve, Noah, and Cassie with Youth Interns to test scavenger hunt live

Schedule zoom host training sessions (January)