Professional Child Development Associates (PCDA) Teen Buddies/Teen Club present their 8th annual art show. Teen artists shared their original handmade sensory art forms, photography, personal stories and a short live performance.


About PCDA:

Since 1996, PCDA has worked to improve the lives of children and families affected by autism and other developmental challenges using the play- and relationship-based therapeutic model known as DIR®. A nonprofit multidisciplinary clinic, PCDA currently serves more than 1,000 children and their families from the greater Los Angeles area every year, with a collaborative approach that includes specialists from the fields of developmental pediatrics, child and family counseling, occupational and physical therapy, feeding therapy and nutrition, speech and language pathology, music therapy, and art therapy.


About Teen Club:

PCDA’s Teen Club is a socialization training program for teens 13-17 years old with developmental delays that help build friendships, self-confidence, and independence in the community. The PCDA Teen Club Annual Art Show is a positive experience for the teens, which combines creativity and problem solving as a team. The teens work in small groups, brainstorming ideas for an art project. Over a period of several weeks, they must organize a plan to complete their work including selecting and budgeting for materials. Taking this project from start to finish gives the teens an opportunity to socialize with a purpose and to celebrate the entire process together with family and friends at the Teen Club Art Show.

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