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  • Thick acrylic to laser cut – 4.5 mm or thicker
  • A peg, bobbin, or any other item with a flat end to use as a handle
  • Hot glue or 2-part epoxy glue
  • Sealing wax
  • Nonstick spray or oil
  • Laser cutter or Carvey


Make your design




  • File: Document properties to change units
  • For text wrapping–Text: Put on Path
  • To rotate around shape, move the plus sign to the middle
  • To remove shape, select Path: Object to Path
  • Flip horizontally
  • For shape outline: right click – Fill and Stroke
  • Remove Fill; add stroke – in a different color


Retina Engrave (laser cutter)

  • Our laser cutter in the library’s Innovation Lab is a Full Spectrum Laser H-Series 20 x 12
  • Check the box for “ignore thin vector lines”
  • From Inkscape: print to Full Spectrum Engineering Driver (best to make it the size you want in Inkscape before exporting)
  • Invert
  • Raster Mode – 4 passes (There’s no automatic setting for the passes; you’ll have to do it manually.) [see first video below]
  • Raster then Vector [see second video below]
    • Set Vector Layers Speed at 50, Power at 100, Passes at 6




  • Machine: Carvey
  • Material Type: Cast Acrylic
  • Bit: 1/16 in.
  • Import or create design
  • Select everything in your design and click Apps, then Stamp Maker
  • Gray area Cut: select between 0 and -1/16 “ (approx. -1/32”)
    You can resize your gray area (if you want round edges, select Shape: Edit Points)
  • Cut a shape: select -¼” depth (or full depth of the material)
    Make a shape around your design (make sure your shape is fully inside the gray area)
    Uncheck Use Tabs
    Size is approx. between 0.9-1.0 inch


Assembling your seal

  • Glue the acrylic to the peg handle


Using the seal

  1. Use oil or nonstick spray each time you use your seal
  2. Melt wax, about a nickel size
  3. Stamp your pre-oiled seal onto the wax
  4. Wait about 5-10 seconds as the wax is starting to harden—
  5. But before it hardens completely, remove the seal
  6. Repeat the steps each time you use the seal


Where to get supplies

You can make one at the library’s Innovation Lab! Click on the link below to find out how you can use the lab.

STEAM @ the Library