It’s a Mad Hatter Tea Party!  But beware:  something sinister lurks in Wonderland.  It’s a land of stories, but who’s telling the real tale? And who murdered the poor, poor Prince of Hearts? All the key characters are suspects. It’s up to you to solve it. Prowl through Wonderland hunting for clues, question the suspects, and apprehend the culprit.

This event was hosted by the Teen Advisory Board.

Teen cast members:  Bella (Alice), Madison (TweedleDee), Lauren (TweedleDum), McKenna (Cheshire Cat), Maya (White Rabbit)

Staff cast members:  Deborah Takahashi (Queen of Hearts), Kevin Crain (Mad Hatter), Jane Gov (host)

Teen script writers:  Haneen Eltaib, Hadley Willman

Teen decorators:  Meep, Lucy, McKenna, Frissel, Maya

Teen clue developers:  Lauren, Kara, KC, Brittany, Liliana

Photos by Alfonso Huerta

Photos by Katie Staniford Photography