Zombie Peeps workshop at Linda Vista Branch Library, led by artist Liane Shih and librarian Deborah Takahashi.

Zombie Peeps

by Cady West, grade 9

My best friend and I, along with a couple others, had a blast creating zombie peep dolls, laughing, and admiring our efforts. We were given a wide choice of soft felt fabrics and then told to trace a shape and cut it out. Once that was done, we learned to sew with a needle and thread, creating a creature that was more than a flat piece of fabric. Then, we stuffed them to the brim. Next came the fun part: we got to use a variety of colored thread, patterned bows, and buttons to decorate our zombie peep and really make it unique. Some people made their peeps adorable and very un-zombie like, and others sewed on x’s for eyes and forgot a mouth to really make our zombie peeps weird.

My advice for those who want to try this out is: 1) you don’t need to tie the thread to the needle, you just need to create a knot at the end of the thread to make sure the thread stays put as you sew your peep together, and 2) don’t rush to sew your fabric together, make sure your stitches are at least semi-close to each other so that the stuff stays in.

The experience was fun for everyone I talked to, and my friend and I agreed we’d do it again in a heartbeat, just next time we wanted more time to make another. What came out of it was a new creation (100% made by you), the rewarding feeling of having learned a new skill, like sewing, and a great chance to use your imagination.

Cady with her new peep
Cady with her new peep

zombiepeep2 zombiepeep7

zombiepeep11 zombiepeep6

zombiepeep5 zombiepeep4

zombiepep10 zombiepeep8

 Photos by Deborah Takahashi

This workshop was organized by Deborah Takahashi, Branch Librarian at Linda Vista Branch and taught by artist Liane Shih.

Check out Liane Shih’s Etsy page to see more of her creations:  https://www.etsy.com/shop/MEKAstudio