We have a winner!  Our Summer Reading Challenge Grand Prize winner was randomly drawn from the entire pool of teen participants this summer.

It is also our pleasure to announce the winners of our contests.

And they are…


Teen Summer Reading Challenge Grand Prize raffle

Prize: iPad mini

Winner:  Juan D. from Blair HS


Book Festival Renaming Contest

Prize:  $50 gift card

Winner:  Montana Golin

Winning entry:  Pasadena Loves YA



One Direction Letter Contest

Prize:  2 tickets to a One Direction Contest at the Rose Bowl

Winner: Jasmine Wadalawala

Winning entry:

Dear One Direction,

I am honestly one of your biggest fans I am extremely committed to you boys and your music. I recently read a book called Divergent and I LOVED it. I actually rented it from the Pasadena Public Library. Anyways it was AMAZING. Why is it so great you ask? Well here are a few reasons why you should take time out of your busy schedule to read Divergent. First, is that the book is a piece of literature at it’s finest, and I know this because as you read this page turning novel you realize that you fall in love with the characters and find yourself caring about their outcome in this futuristic world where teenagers are forced to fight to stay in a faction, which is a type of club you live with, or else become homeless. This book will also have you staying up at night thinking about the characters and the confusing secrets that lie in the world they are forcefully living in. Not only that but you’ll also wonder about what you would do if you were forced to live in a certain lifestyle acting a certain way. The fact that it not only gives you entertainment but also causes you to ponder about things is a very big factor in a novel. Last but not least this book will allow you to release the stress of life on the road and indulge yourself in a foreign world of secrets, begging to be unveiled. I really hope you take time to read this book, it’s fantastic and something you can read all over again; it never gets old. You’ll never know until you try, and while you’re in Pasadena for your 3 concerts maybe you can even check it out of the Pasadena Public Library! You’ll thank me later.

-Jasmine Wadalawala


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