Continuing with the monthly series, Sketches and More is a virtual teen program presented in partnership with Armory Center for the Arts. The workshops are taught by staff from the Armory. These are images from the Fall 2020 series.


Watercolor Resin

Using a watercolor resin technique, participants created their nature artwork with oil pastels and watercolors.


Day of the Dead

Inspired by Day of the Dead, participants used foam paper, markers, and ink to create a stamping effect for their pieces.


Acrylic Painting 1

In this first acrylic painting session, participants learned a dry brush method to paint a cloud landscape.


Acrylic Painting 2

In the second acrylic painting session, participants painted a snowy landscape to welcome the winter season.

Heather Bonds (instructor)
Ariana C.
Kimberly B.
Viviana M.