Review by Nina Dinan, 15

Black Enough: Stories of Being Young and Black in America Edited by Ibi Zoboi

This collection of short stories examines the many dimensions of African American experiences through the eyes of multiple young protagonists. Different writers give voice to each story, and their plot lines are as diverse as the characters they follow. The characters come from multiple backgrounds and perspectives. A girl grapples with loss and her sexuality in the wake of another girl’s death. An art student risks her reputation and artistic future in order to speak her truth and tell her story through art. A teen camp counselor explores her relationship with her half sister during a week-long summer camp. A boy examines his relationship with his community during a summer party.

My opinion of this book varied depending on the story. Some of the narratives were more enjoyable than others, and because each one is so entirely distinct from the rest, it is more difficult to judge this book as a whole than it would be with one continuous narrative. Overall, I found the stories compelling and the voices vibrant. I liked the different styles that each writer brought to the stories. From artists to computer science students, each selection follows characters through an intriguing story arc, shedding light on the range and diversity of the young Black experience.

I would give this book 3 stars.

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400 pages

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