Meeting held on April 16th, 2018
The Innovation, STEAM and Marketing Committees answered the following questions to summate TAB’s charges and roles. In doing so, the committees learned to advocate for all the members’ hard work and contribution to make the Teen Advisory Board what it is today.
1. Why is TAB important?
2. Why should you join TAB?
3. Why give us funding for ____?
4. Why give us more support for ____?
Innovation Lab Summary: Liam, Sophie and Kristina
     The Innovation Lab is important because as a whole, the future is becoming more and more digital. Unfortunately, this technology is expensive and is thus hard to learn about and practice with for. That is why the innovation lab is so important, it gives free access to this technology for everyone. Additionally, the products of this lab can also be used to fix all the small things that can go wrong. This means that not only can everyone learn about how to design and print objects, but they can also use those objects to fix things that might go wrong such as losing or breaking screws. In conclusion, the innovation lab is important not only for education, but also gives additional resources to those that might not otherwise be able to obtain them.
STEAM Advocacy: Denisse, Haile, John, Jonathan and Brittany
     “The STEAM Committee generated an infographic poster prototype, which included the library’s theme for 2018 (STEAM), the most prominent programs/events that TAB is involved with, such as: the October Murder Mystery, Homework Helpers, the Mental Health Initiative, and the summer reading program etc.
     While the infographic didn’t involve sentences, it utilized large fonts to emphasize specified words, phrases, and numbers in order to attract potential audiences.
    The infographic read ‘TAB’ largely in the center, then ‘STEAM’ was painted as the background, which was a little faded. Also, the other doodles and words were surrounding those two, which were the main focus.”
The Marketing Committee’s Role: Taleen, Liliana, Armand, Faith
     TAB activities and programs serve a vital purpose because not only are teens getting involved, but they’re giving back to their communities. What distinguishes TAB from other youth organizations is that TAB members have the opportunity to take away lessons regarding critical skills such as leadership and managing overall wellbeing and mental health.
     Being a part of the marketing committee allows us to develop skills for future careers such as branding, advocacy, and engagement in library activities.

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