recap by Nina Dinan age 13

Breakin’ News is a recently organized monthly discussion for teens during which news, politics, and/or the Constitution are explored. Breakin’ News was organized to give teens an opportunity to exchange views and ask questions pertaining to current events. For example, “What’s up with Michael Flynn and Russia?” or “How can I tell if this news story is true?” The topics can be very diverse and do not need to relate to politics.

Our first discussion took place two weeks ago. The attendees focused on the topic of fake news, examining ways to determine the veracity of articles. Fake news is a highly apposite topic in an age when stories spread quickly through social media and many, including hoaxes and satire, are believed on sight. We also discussed recent deportation raids and immigration, voicing a wide array of opinions and considerations.

Breakin’ News is an opportunity for absolutely any teen to discuss civic engagement; no special knowledge of current events is required. Sound interesting? Come to our next discussion on Wednesday, April 19 from 5pm to 6pm.

For anyone interested in broadening his civic engagement knowledge, I recommend the following sources:

Foreign Affairs Magazine
The Economist
LA Times, The Wall Street Journal and other newspapers
CNN online

Although there are no Constitution experts on the Teen Advisory Board, the Constitution and The Federalist Papers are fun to peruse.  I recommend  The U.S. Constitution: What It Says, What It Means, which provides great explanations of the sometimes convoluted language.

Lastly, speaking of fake news, check out the fact checking websites listed under ‘info literacy’ in the library Teen Web Guide.

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