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All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven


What would you do if you met someone on the brink of death? Meet Theodore “Freak” Finch. The incredibly charismatic, misunderstood insomniac who faces the constant challenge of dealing with the bullies at school. Meet Violet Markey. The popular girl with a love for writing who is weighed down with daily grief over her sister’s death. The two meet on opposite sides of the school’s bell tower and live to hide the tale from friends, family, and school staff. Violet is quick to move on from the incident and forget everything that happened. Finch is just the opposite. When the time comes for the geography class to choose partners for the infamous “Wander Indiana” project, where the challenge is to explore their great state and write a report on it, Finch publicly asks Violet to be partners. Feeling like she has no say in the matter, she agrees, and thus, their wonderful friendship begins. Together, they hit unusual landmarks all over the state of Indiana and learn lessons about love, life, and heartbreak along the way. This book is the best you will read all year. The heart wrenching tale of Violet and Finch is hauntingly beautiful. Their relationship is witty and enviable, the adventures they share will make you laugh, and the story will stay with you for months. Their story deals with tough topics, including suicide, depression, and death, so make sure you are prepared to stomach these themes before braving the book. This novel is sure to make you both laugh and stock up on tissues before the reread. For fans looking for a new and improved “Paper Towns,” a romantic tale of adventure, or a story to last a lifetime, you will not regret picking up a copy of this book. 5 stars. –Hadley, teen reviewer




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