Dream Catcher Story Contest

1st place

(Category 2: grades 6-8)


“The Day and Night”

by Hera Hovsepian

Age 13, Grade 8


At nights, when I sleep,

I break the boundaries

of my brain, which I wouldn’t


when I’m awake.

My brain stops trying.

It becomes raw. Real.


It becomes me at my best

and my worst. I overflow

with questions. I don’t have


any desire to answer them.

During the day, my brain

fools me with many questions.


It deludes me into thinking:

“You have all the answers.”

During the night, when I shut


my eyes, my brain becomes

a blank canvas of creation.

I want to paint on it


the real version of myself.

I feel a sense of security.

I feel a sense of panic.


Once I open my eyes,

the dream manifests in me.

So, I welcome the sleep;


I wait for it. I allow

my eyes to slide into drowsiness

and enter into my deepest slumber.



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