Teens are transported back into the Roaring 20s in this year’s murder mystery. The Roaring 20s was also the theme of our second murder mystery in 2015. The murder mystery is an immersive theatrical scavenger hunt, taking place at Central Library around Halloween. The mystery starts with a dinner party and after the library closes, participants are locked in, then the hunt for clues start.

The program engaged Board members in exercising their organizational, creative, and leadership skills, while the attendees are practicing their critical thinking, problem solving, and teamwork skills. It gamifies learning, teaches all planners and participants life skills, and enhances personal growth. Additionally, it is a safe, free, social, and high quality Halloween activity for local teens. And it’s a lot of fun!

Months before the event, members of the Teen Advisory Board select a theme and divide up the work. They designate leaders, deadlines, budgets and shopping lists, and create a plan for the event. Finally, on the day of the event, the characters dress up, team members get to work in decorating and setting up, and help facilitate the program with the attendees.  Below are the key contributors and assistants.

  • Scripts – Genevieve (with assistance from Aminda)
  • Location clues – Liam & Angel* (staff)
  • Weapon clues – Jane (staff)
  • Decor & party favors – Taleen & Julia
  • Actors for characters – Haile, Liam, Sophie, Taleen, and Shauna (staff)

*Angel is a former TAB member.


The objective for participants is to figure out who the murderer is, where the murder happened, and which weapon was used to deliver the killing blow. Participants need to listen closely, search carefully, work in teams, and use their deductive reasoning to solve the mystery.