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At a TAB meeting

Teen Advisory Board Seniors

NATHAN TADIOS is a skilled drumline member, Rubik’s cube competitor, plays golf, and is in a jazz band.  He and Chris organized and hosted this year’s Teen Tech Week program: Invent with MaKey MaKey.


How long have you been a volunteer here?

2 years

MaKey MaKey

What made you want to join TAB and be a volunteer?

I love to do community work. I’ve enjoyed community work in Little Tokyo where I help children with disabilities, so I thought I’d try community work in Pasadena.


What was your favorite volunteer project? Or what stood out the most?

I liked helping out at Pasadena Loves YA, the teen book festival. It was hectic and busy and there were lots of people, but it was fun. It was my first time working at a big event like that.


Is there a contribution you’ve made that you’re particularly proud of?

I really like helping at Lucha Libros (Spanish immersion program from 2nd-3rd grade kids). I liked helping younger kids get excited about reading; it’s cool to see so many kids coming to the library on a Tuesday night to do that. Because it was a smaller group, I got to know some of the kids.


Do you think compared to other teens you have a different understanding about what libraries represent?

Yes. Libraries are not just about books. There’s lots of events, lots of opportunities such as volunteering and getting work experience.


What skills have you learned from volunteering at the library you think are most useful?

Definitely planning organizing event skills, and now a bit of lesson planning.


Do you volunteer anywhere else?

I volunteer at Kizuna Rising Stars, which is that youth leadership program in Little Tokyo. There are monthly activities, and I get to learn Japanese and more about my culture. They offer various leadership workshops.


What college are you going to?  What career path are you aiming for?

I’m going to UCR (University of California, Riverside). I think I’ll be majoring in Pre-Business or Accounting.


Are you ready to get out there on your own?  Anything that makes you nervous?

I’m ready. Nervous as much as anyone would starting college, but I’m ready for the next step.