Teen Advisory Board

January 24, 2015

TAB present:  Kara, Julia, Chris, Haneen, Jerry  (absent: Sarah, Michelle)

Perspectives: Michael, Madison, Cady, Nathan



Mid-year recruitment

Collection Development:  weeding the Young Adult collections–genres: Fiction, Mystery, Short Stories, and Science Fiction.  Each person was assigned a portion of the weeding list.  The titles on the list are YA books at Central that have not circulated for over a year.  Information includes: number of circulations per title, last date of checkout, and current status of the item.  Teens were asked to pull books from the list only–checking the barcode to make sure the correct copy is pulled.  Then as a group, each person reviewed the books and selected those they feel should stay in the collection–keeping in mind the number of circulations and when the book was acquired and/or published.

The steps that follow are thus:  The remaining titles will be reviewed by me (Jane the librarian).  When reviewing titles, I often check for those that are part of a series, classics, whether it’s by an author that will be visiting our library soon, titles that I feel need classification changes (from Fiction to Short Stories, etc.), or branch location changes.  Other steps in weeding includes duplicates and damages.

Demo and testing 3D Printing Pens — our event on Feb. 7, “Draw in 3D,” is full and has a waiting list of 30 people.  Because of this, I have added two additional sessions.

TAB tested the pens and some found them quite difficult to use.  Suggestions were that I start the workshops with straight lines and doodling names.  Since each pen will be assigned to a pair, it was best that they switch off because doodling a large item can get tiresome.