Have you seen the new Toonami lineup yet? Yes, anime almost all night, every Saturday.
Even better, we have the manga for almost the whole lineup. You can read the printed versions, which are often very different from the version which shows up on American television.
The ones we have in the collection include:
Bleach [50+ volumes so far]
Naruto [50+ volumes so far]
One Piece [60+ volumes so far]
Soul Eater [we have the first 10 so far]
Eureka Seven [just a few so far]
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood [20+ volumes so far of the main series]
Cowboy Bebop [only a few right now, because, sniff, it was published by sadly gone Tokyopop. If this one ever comes back into print,we’re on it.]
Inuyasha [20+ volumes here now, with more on the way]

Does this mean we’ve sold the library’s soul to television? No. It does mean that when anime series are on television, people tend to ask us for the manga that go with those same series. When Naruto and One Piece were first on cable TV, bookstore sales and library checkouts of both series went through the roof. So, we noticed. Now, when we know that a series is on, we try to make sure that you can read the manga as well.
Never fear, we didn’t forget about the rest of the manga world. We just bought a bunch of other series for your summer reading pleasure. As you come to the library for the Teen Reading Club, take a look at our collection. The big manga collection is on the top floor of the Central library, in Teen Central, but we have quite a few at our branches as well, especially Allendale and Hastings. Whether you like comedy, food, ninjas, romance or giant robots, or even combinations [romantic ninja robots?], you’ll find manga to your liking in our collection.

Also, if you know of a series and we don’t seem to have it, PLEASE let us know. As much as we’d love to claim to be perfect, we might have made a mistake…or, there could be a dark, mysterious plot to keep your favorite manga out of the library. Don’t let the forces of evil triumph! No, really, let us know, and we just might be able to add your favorite to the collection, and turn it into someone else’s favorite series as well.

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