Staff Review: Johnny Cash: The Life

One book I particularly enjoyed reading was Johnny Cash: The Life by Robert Hilburn. The book goes into detail on Cash’s personal life as well as his singing career. The author had interviewed Cash many times, so you kind of get a glimpse into the singer’s psyche as he goes through the different triumphs and struggles of Cash’s life. I think what I liked about the book is that it was honest with portraying the good side of Johnny Cash as well as his dark side. Cash was like that himself when talking about how his faith helped him in the valleys of his life, but also how he still struggled with drug addiction. The book goes into detail about the numerous albums he made and his time at different record studios. After reading it, I sought out some of those albums, and was glad I did. I think it’s always good when a book influences you into listening to different kinds of music,  trying out new ideas, or anything that helps enrich you. I would highly recommend this read.

-Garo K. (Central Library)