Ideas for writing, and stories & poems by kids

Young Readers League 2017 Writing Contest 1st place Category 1 (ages 8-11) The Journal by Lauren Sales Age 11 (Grade 7) Blair Middle School This is the story of an […]

Young Readers League 2017 Writing Contest 2nd place Category 1 (ages 8-11) The Haunted Pair of Ballet Slippers by Maelee Rose Acosta Age 11 (Grade 6) Blair Middle School The […]

Young Readers League 2017 Writing Contest 3rd place Category 1 (ages 8-11) The Ghosts in the Cemetery by Sienna Ng Age 10 (Grade 5) Field Elementary School Lily is a […]

Writing Parties September and October

Every month on the 2nd Tuesday, kids between the ages of 5 and 8 come to the library to hear a story and engage with a creative writing prompt inspired […]

Learning the Art of Writing Plots, with Author Kristen Kittscher

Last Friday, kids came to Pasadena Central Library for a free writing workshop with middle grade author Kristen Kittscher, who writes the Young and Yang mysteries! She shared some of […]

Writing Dialogue for Wordless Picture Books

Yesterday, after reading the book Du Iz Tak by Carson Ellis, kids in primary grades did an activity making up a new language. Then they created new written dialogue for […]

Silly Split-Panel Books - Writing Parties for Primary Grade Kids

At our most recent Writing Party for Primary Grade Kids (previously named “Creative Writing for Beginning Readers”), we made split-panel books inspired by A Cheese and Tomato Spider by Nick […]

Reading Great Books to Learn Writing Great Hooks

At our Kids’ Writing Workshop on Friday, June 16th, we learned about writing engaging beginnings. I combed through the upper middle grade books at our library and looked through all […]

"Where I'm From" Poems and Blackout Poetry from Kids' Writing Workshop

On April 21, our Kids’ Writing Workshop for ages 8-12 met to do some poetry in honor of National Poetry Month. We started with a poem template based on a […]

Tick-Tock Castle Time -- a story by Celeste Raynaud

One City One Story 2017 Writing Contest 1st place Elementary School category Celeste Raynaud Grade 5, McKinley School “Tick-Tock Castle Time” Booky finds a mysterious watch that transports her and […]