Ideas for writing, and stories & poems by kids

Writing Dialogue for Wordless Picture Books

Yesterday, after reading the book Du Iz Tak by Carson Ellis, kids in primary grades did an activity making up a new language. Then they created new written dialogue for […]

Silly Split-Panel Books - Writing Parties for Primary Grade Kids

At our most recent Writing Party for Primary Grade Kids (previously named “Creative Writing for Beginning Readers”), we made split-panel books inspired by A Cheese and Tomato Spider by Nick […]

Reading Great Books to Learn Writing Great Hooks

At our Kids’ Writing Workshop on Friday, June 16th, we learned about writing engaging beginnings. I combed through the upper middle grade books at our library and looked through all […]

"Where I'm From" Poems and Blackout Poetry from Kids' Writing Workshop

On April 21, our Kids’ Writing Workshop for ages 8-12 met to do some poetry in honor of National Poetry Month. We started with a poem template based on a […]

Tick-Tock Castle Time -- a story by Celeste Raynaud

One City One Story 2017 Writing Contest 1st place Elementary School category Celeste Raynaud Grade 5, McKinley School “Tick-Tock Castle Time” Booky finds a mysterious watch that transports her and […]

Azlender's Travel Adventure -- a story by Kayla Su

One City One Story 2017 Writing Contest 2nd place Elementary School category Kayla Su Grade 4, Sky Mountain Charter School “Azlender’s Travel Adventure” Summary:  Tired of his boring life in […]

Trappist-1 -- a story by Evelyn Chen

One City One Story 2017 Writing Contest 3rd place Elementary School category Evelyn Chen Grade 5, Eugene Field Elementary School “Trappist-1” Summary: Seven new planets were discovered outside our solar system, […]

Poetry about our moments in history -- Kids' Writing Workshop

Book Inspiration Brown Girl Dreaming by Jacqueline Woodson We read the poem “second daughter’s second day on earth” which contains many references to the various events going on around the […]

Creative Writing with Word Baskets

Yesterday, our Creative Writing for Beginning Readers Workshop was inspired by the picture book Little Red Writing, written by Joan Holub and illustrated by Melissa Sweet. In the story, Little […]

Young Readers League 2016 Writing Contest Category 1 (Age 8-11) 1st place The Peculiar Man by Hannah Sagheb 11 years old (Grade 6) Immaculate Heart School   Once there was a man, And he […]