Each week I’m showcasing stories by kids who participated in our NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program in November 2020. We’ll be doing the program again this November, so stay tuned!

This week, our last two writers on the alphabet — but last is NOT least!! Check out these funny excerpts from the novels written by Thomas and Willow!


Thomas’s novel The Corrupted King takes place in Ancient Greece, with two young outlaws named Anastios (which means Resurrection) and Selepos. They are on the run from the angry and vengeful King Aischylos (which means Shame). They provoked his anger by setting his slaves free, and now he is coming after them. And he has help, too, from heroes like Perseus and Hercules! Fortunately for Anastasios and Selepos, someone is on their side, and makes sure they are armed for battle and ready to fight! This hilarious story set in ancient times would be a good read for fans of Paul Shipton and Tim Collins.

Excerpt from The Corrupted King:


“Get up!” Selepos yelled at Anastasios.

“What, Selepos?”

“Remember, King Aischylos is coming!!!!”

“Get EVERYTHING packed!!!!”

They shuffled through their cluttered home.

“Wait, we can hide in that bunker you made.”

“We need armor and weapons!!!!” roared Selepos.

They got some butter knives.

“These’ll do.” Selepos huffed.

They heard some banging at the door.

“Quick, hide,” Anastasios whispered.

They ran to the back door, into a bush.

There was a trap door.

“Get in!!!!!” Selepos yelled.

“Zeus help us!!!!” they hollered.

Suddenly there was a flash of light and there was two sets of golden armor on the table: swords lined with jewels and bows trimmed with copper.

“Waaaaoow weeeee!!!” they yelled.

“Scatter: look out for these betrayers!” a voice yelled.

They could hear thumping noises over their heads.

“Quick, get the armor on,” Anastasios whispered.


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Willow’s novel is titled Books One and Two of The Adventures of Joshua. It’s a laugh-out-loud funny fantasy story about a young man named Joshua who has to get a silver ball for a unicorn named Passion Fruit and get gold for a king. His deceased crewmate Jim accompanies him… in ghost form! And he’s on a mission to prove to his mother that the mythical creatures are not all bad. With humor, action, and a tale of epic proportions, this would be a great read for fans of Geoff Rodkey and Chris Rylander.

Excerpt from Books One and Two of The Adventures of Joshua (Book Two):

Joshua walked to Passion Fruit’s throne and sat on the ground next to Passion Fruit.

“Anyways, I need your help. My mom and dad, Elena and Randy, hate the mystical animals and I would like you to help me prove them otherwise. Would you help me?” Josh asked kindly, staring at Passion Fruit.

“Randy doesn’t hate us! He loves the magical animals! He says they’re wonderful! He said… he liked my horn,” Passion Fruit said, blushing.

“Well, my mom hates you then! We have to do something about it! Like-like a stage play, or, or, get this, we could pretend to fight something like an evil enemy to the mythical beings! What is an enemy to you guys?”

“Well, the Kraken is pretty bad,” said the shimmering unicorn.

“We could pretend to fight him. Like, put some dragons in a costume or whatever. Then my mom will think I’m… I’m not a Shapeshifter…”

Josh looked down. His mom and dad thought he was a faker.

But then, Joshua smiled. Maybe, after the fight, they’d think he was real. He really, REALLY hoped so.


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