Each week I’m sharing stories written during our NaNoWriMo Young Writers Program last year in November 2020. We’ll be doing the program again this year!

Our next two writers in alphabetical order are Arina, Avishi and Delight!



Arina’s novel The Murder starts out with the main character having a new best friend named Mason, who seems to know more about her than she knows about him. Then someone is murdered; did Mason have anything to do with it? Great read for fans of horror and murder mysteries by authors like John Grisham and Anthony Horowitz.


Excerpt from The Murder:

The Feeling

After we hungout, it was already 4:00. I walked my dog, Coco around and ate dinner. Then I went into my room, but it didnt feel like I was alone, of corse Coco was here but it just felt different. I heard a loud noise behind me, I always knew about the vent above me then I saw a small shadow of a person that- looked kinda like Mason. I thought to myself “THAT CAN’T BE MASON!!” Then I thought though the night about this sight.

The Dead

When I woke up, the first thing I heard was Coco barking loudly. I told him to shut up but he just kept barking. He had never disobeyed me, even when he was a puppy! So of course I just had to wake up like that. When I went down to eat I saw… the dead body of my sister.


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Avishi’s novel The Potion starts out with her main character, Elle, being a bit of a middle school drama queen. She has a tendency to be mean and selfish, and is in many ways a kind of unreliable narrator. Elle is given a potion that makes her small, and she must complete a series of tasks to grow back to normal size – and grow as a person through kindness.  It’d be a good read for fans of Sarah Mlynowski and Gail Villanueva.

Excerpt from The Potion:

Soon, we get to Martha’s school and a little girl comes up to me. “Can you open this bag of chips for me, please?”

I take the bag of chips, open it, and then I dump all the chips on to the floor.

Mom gets mad at me, “Elle, you know that’s not a very nice thing to do. Now, go and buy this little girl another bag of chips.”


“Please, Elle. If you don’t then something bad will happen to you. It’s called karma. It’s a real thing, and right now you have a lot of bad karma.”

Mom has tried to make me believe in karma, but I never have and I never will.

“Mom, I’m going to go play handball.”

I start to go when I hear mom say, “Elle Bryn Baker, you come back here now.”

Being a huge handball fan, I keep on walking past the basketball courts, by the green grass, and near the volleyball courts is handball, excited for the first day of school tomorrow.


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Delight’s novel Azazel’s Beginningis a rollicking fantasy adventure which is by turns exciting and hilarious! Azazel has been getting mysterious notes from a boy she’s never met, and a creature called a dralicofin (dragon-alicorn-griffin hybrid) whisks her away to London to an ice cream store that isn’t just an ice cream store, but an important rendez-vous point for Extraordinaires – people with magical abilities. There she meets the father she thought she’d never see again, encounters enemies who want to bring her to the Dark Empress… and discovers the nutritional value of dralicofin vomit! A good read for fans of J.K. Rowling, Rebecca Roanhorse, and Christopher Paolini.

Excerpt from Azazel’s Beginning:

After the dralicofin took liftoff from the ground, Azazel swore that no other roller coaster would leave her stomach, brain, heart behind, because this ride left a lot more things than just her stomach, brain, and heart. It was crazy! Wild, fast, and amazing crazy! The creature zipped, zapped, and zopped her way to the ice cream shop. When the creature flew to a normal flap, Azazel realized she didn’t even tell her parents she was going to Freezi’s Ice Cream. And there was only one Freezi’s Ice Cream in the world! In London! Oh my goodness… how on Earth would Azazel explain this to her parents? Oh-

Stop worrying and pry your eyes open. We’re here.” The dralicofin interrupted. Azazel looked around and there she was, in London, England. It was truly beautiful, with cobblestone brick for the road and plenty of trees. And in front of her was the one and only Freezi’s Ice Cream.

“Wait.” Azazel froze in place. “Can you shrink into the size of a… a mouse for me?” And right on cue, the dralicofin did. Her backpack and the water canteen plopped to the sidewalk. Azazel bent down to pick it up. She put it in her left chest pocket and shoved the canteen of water into her backpack. Azazel then slung her schoolbook chock-full backpack over her shoulder, but it suddenly didn’t feel so heavy anymore. She ignored it and trudged her way over to the door. When she opened it, she found herself in a room the size of a restaurant. All the seats were packed, and long line of orders stood behind the ordering table. Something flashed. Then another. And another. She felt a tap on her shoulder and when she whirled around.  A boy came up to her and said,

“Hi! I’m Luc Havenvas. I’m so excited to see you!”

“WHAT?! YOU’RE THE WEIRD CREEPY GUY THAT SENT ME THE LETTERS? YOU WILL PAY.” Azazel lunged at him and unsheathed her dagger.


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