Edible Book Cover Challenge

On Saturday, July 13, about a dozen tweens gathered for the Edible Book Cover Challenge.  Look below to see what they came up with. Goal of the program: Kids (recommended […]

Muncha Muncha Muncha: Bunnies Storytime

Stories we shared Sneaky bunnies, messy bunnies, troublesome bunnies… Bunny Days and Muncha Muncha Muncha are perfect for school age kids, while Small Bunny’s Blue Blanket and What’s the Matter Bunny […]

Are you taking a trip to a far off and distant land with your family this summer?  Or even a quick flight to visit family members?  Will it be your […]

     In this era of  video games, tablets, TV and more, it is nice to know that a simple activity like crafting offers tangible benefits.  Crayons, markers, popsicle sticks, coloring pages, cotton balls and construction […]

Egad! Alligator Storytimes

Stories we shared Draw and Tell No Pets Allowed by Richard Thompson follows a boy named Timmy.  Timmy really wants a pet, but no pets are allowed in the small […]

Fun Food Festival

Summer Reading Club continues to grow!  And there’s still plenty more to do!   Because Reading is Soooo Delicious, we’re celebrating this delectable summer with a Fun Food Festival!  Sign […]

Hunger Games Readalikes for Middle Grade Readers

Since the success of the Hunger Games, dystopian novels have surged in popularity.  What does “dystopian” mean?  Dystopian genrally refers to a society that is declining–the opposite of a utopian; […]

Ducks in Socks: Storytimes for all ages

Stories we shared Flannelboard story The flannel board story was based on the book Buzz Said the Bee.  It is a story in rhyme with repetitive phrases, animal sounds, and […]

Summer Vacation Storytimes

It’s a full week of Summer Vacation storytimes!  We have stories about going to beach, taking a trip, vacationing, packing, summer sounds, and keeping cool. Stories we shared Maisy Goes […]

Pajama Storytime: Reading is So Delicious

What better way to kick off summer than with food? With just a few days into the start of Summer Reading Club, our theme “Reading is So Delicious” continues to […]