Siblings: Preschool Storytime

At last Saturday’s Preschool Storytime, we read books about brothers and sisters! Books We Shared Our first story, Squid Kid the Magnificent by Lynne Berry and Luke daMarca, features a young […]

Ducks ~ Sensory Storytime

“Autism is part of my child, it’s not everything he is. My child is so much more than a diagnosis.” ―S.L. Coelho, author Sensory Storytime is a fun, interactive, educational storytime […]

Gulp & Swallow!  - Preschool Storytime

Hmmm…how do you explain a storytime themed “Gulp & Swallow”?  Just take a look at the books, songs, flannel boards and activities we shared – it will all start to make sense. […]

Gardens ~ Sensory Storytime

 “By holding the highest vision for your child when they can not see it for themselves, you are lifting them up, elevating them and helping them to soar,” Megan Koufos […]

Magic! ~ Preschool Storytime

It was all about magic today!  We read stories about “magical” animals and friendship.  We also made ten butterflies appear AND made five bunnies disappear.  All in an hour’s fun at preschool storytime.  Here […]

For our Easter Weekend Preschool Storytime, we read books about eggs! Books We Shared Our first story, A Friend for Bo by Elisabeth Zuniga, tells about a cute bunny rabbit who […]

Spots and Dots - Preschool Storytime

Today’s storytime was all about spots and dots! Books We Shared In Dog’s Colorful Day by Emma Dodd, Dog is a white dog with one black spot.  But, this day […]

Books We Shared Big Bad Bunny by Franny Billingsley — This book starts out a bit odd because it almost seems there are two separate stories. There’s this fearsome “Big […]

Art - Preschool Storytime

This weekend we shared stories about art and creativity, and children did some art of their own! Stories Louise Loves Art by Kelly Light – After drawing a picture of […]

Rain: Preschool Storytime

It was so rainy here last week, we shared stories about it at our Preschool Storytime on December 17.  Since there’s rain scheduled for later this week, you may want […]