Fish! ~ Toddler Storytime

Our 7th storytime of the summer session was all about Fish!  Fish sure are slippery!  Here are the stories, songs, rhymes, flannel boards, activities and video we explored about our topic. Books We Shared   In […]

Food! ~ Toddler Storytime

Our 6th storytime of the summer session was all about Food!  We also had a visit from Max the Mouse and he ate all of our strawberries!!  I guess mice really do […]

Butterflies ~ Toddler Storytime

Our fifth storytime of the summer session was all about Butterflies!  We even got a visit from Mary Mariposa, our Monarch butterfly.  (See below). She charmed us as she flitted about the room to […]

Sensory Art & Craft Making

Last Saturday’s Sensory Art & Craft Making  program at Lamanda Park Branch Library made a BIG SPLASH (pun intended).  Over 20 young artists and their families set out to make “sandpaper” starfish, […]

Colors! ~ Toddler Storytime

Our fourth storytime of the summer session was all about colors!  Here are the books, songs, rhymes, flannel activity and video we shared. Books We Shared    In Sebastien Braun’s Meeow and the Blue Table, […]

Bears! ~ Preschool Storytime

We had lots of fun  during our preschool storytime last Saturday!  We read books about bears, listened to a little flannel story about 10 teddy bears, sang songs and partook in […]

Bears ~ Toddler Storytime

Our third storytime of the summer session was all about Bears!  Here are the books, songs, rhymes, flannel stories and video we shared for our storytime on Bears! Books We Shared     In Nancy […]

Giraffes: Preschool Storytime

For our Saturday Preschool storytime we shared stories some tall and quiet friends — giraffes! Books We Shared Having a giraffe friend sounds like fun, right?  Maybe not, as we […]

Transportation ~ Sensory Storytime

 “By holding the highest vision for your child when they can not see it for themselves, you are lifting them up, elevating them and helping them to soar,” Megan Koufos […]

Bears: Preschool Storytime

I recently saw a live bear in the wild, while on a hike up at Lassen Volcanic National Park. It was scary! You have to be very careful and keep […]