Dream Catcher Story Contest

Honorable Mention

(Category 1: grades 3-5)


“The Dream Catching Girl”

by Angel Tchigui Koundang

Age 9, Grade 4


     Once upon a time, there lived a little girl. She lived with her small family in one tiny house. They were very poor and she did not go to school. Her parents never taught her anything other than how to speak.

     She would sleep all day and all night, although she hated it. Lila hated sleeping because she always had bad dreams. Every day and night, Lila would complain to her parents that she had a bad dream. Rachel, her mother, heard this complaint about one million times a day. Rachel toppled into the only family room. She opened the closet and dug inside some boxes. It took some time but she knew it was worth it. Later, Rachel walked out of the room with something amazing in her hands. It was a dreamcatcher. Rachel said, “You got to sleep with it and then in the morning you look at it and try doing something to stop seeing the bad dream, or you just will see it again.”

     Rachel and Lila watched a few of Lila’s grandma’s dreams and visions. Some of them were exciting and happy, and some of them were nerve racking and sad. It was like a roller coaster of emotions. About an hour later, Lila took the dreamcatcher to bed and fell asleep. The next night, she placed the dreamcatcher next to her head and fell asleep again. In the morning, Lila was so proud that she decided to create a business. She lent people her dreamcatcher and those people paid her. After two months, Lila had so much money. She shared it with her parents. This family had become millionaires.



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