We had fun this morning with Angie Donkin, dancing with scarves, playing shaker eggs, singing with finger puppets and a little purple puppet named Monster!

Dance and Play:

Old King Cole:

Don Alfredo:

If you’d like to find more of Angie’s music for little ones, please check out her YouTube page:

The Music Boat with Angie and Unc

It was so great to have one more day of singing and dancing with you all before we break for the holidays. Keep in mind our next registration day for Infant and Toddler Storytimes will be Tuesday, January 7th. Pasadena residents are encouraged to bring proof of residence and come from 9 am til 11 am on the 7th. Nonresidents can sign up starting at 11 am, and we’ll allow signups via phone at 12 pm. Happy holidays everyone!