Today’s storytime featured stories about somewhat magical trees.  Maple is about a loving tree that provides shelter and fun times; as Maple grows, the tree grows.  Tap the Magic Tree is an interactive story of falling and blooming leaves.  Stuck is a humorous story about a boy who throws more and more objects into a tree in order to knock his kite out, but instead, everything just gets stuck!



Maple by Lori Nichols

A nature-loving little girl’s favorite playmate is her maple tree, until the day she’s surprised with a baby sister.


Tap the Magic Tree by Christie Matheson

Invites the reader to tap, rub, touch, and wiggle illustrations to make an apple tree bloom, produce fruit, and lose its leaves.


Stuck by Oliver Jeffers

When Floyd’s kite gets stuck in a tree, he tries to knock it down with increasingly larger and more outrageous things.



Berenstain Bears: “That Stump Must Go”

As the kids build Papa Bear a scarecrow for Father’s Day, Papa Bear tries to remove a large old stump, whose roots reach far underneath his garden.  This episode can be viewed on Youtube.

Preschool Storytime  |  Central Library  |  2/21/2015