The Linda Vista Branch Library is creating adorable puppet theater stories every week on their Facebook page!

Meet their cast of loveable characters:

meet prince aubergine
Prince Aubergine loves to explore and sometimes gets in a fix, but always manages to woo the fair princess!
meet princess piinkalina
Princess Pinkalina isn’t as prim and proper as she looks–she’ll fight tooth and nail for the man she loves!
meet princess violetta
Princess Violetta is no shy violet! She has been trained in the fine art of pencil-fighting by the best swashbucklers of the land.
and they all live together
And they all live together in the fair Kingdom of Linda Vista!

Their first full story is already posted.  Take a look at the album here and go picture-by-picture to read a funny story about a prince crossing paths with a dangerous and hungry iguana! Who will save him?  Read the story to find out, and check back next week for another one!

 oh no the prince is eatentext2