In Infant Storytime on Tuesday we did some bedtime stories, and talked about going to sleep and waking up. We started with our Opening Song Clap Everybody and Say Hello, and our Scarf Song.


We also waved our scarves gently to the rhythm of the nursery rhyme Rockabye Baby. Then we read Goodnight, Good Dog by Mary Lyn Ray and illustrated by Rebecca Malone. It’s a sweet book with clearly outlined illustrations, and nice for ramping down Baby’s day and getting ready for sleep.

We lifted babies up and down to an abridged version of the song Way Up In the Sky The Little Birds Fly and sang about Five Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed (this is a picture of the monkeys I was using):

five little monkeys and crocodile

We read Baby Bedtime by Mem Fox and Emma Quay. It was a bit long I think, and I’ll abridge it next time. Both books this week were a bit long in my opinion. But both of them were sweet.

We sang Ten in the Bed:

Ten in the Bed felt board

Then we learned a new song called Wake Up Toes. I found it originally on a resource put together by the Perry Public Library. It’s by Joanie Bartels, on her CD Morning Magic.

Wake up toes, wake up toes
Wake up toes and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle
Wake up toes, wake up toes,
Wake and wiggle in the morning
Wake up feet, wake up feet…
Wake up legs, wake up legs…
Wake up arms, wake up arms…
Wake up hands, wake up hands…
Wake up head, wake up head…
Wake up me, all of me…
(Source: Perry Public Library, You can view a video of the song here.)

We bounced to A Smooth Road to London Town and then did some songs with our Song Cube.

Next Tuesday will be my last Tuesday with you for a while! It’s such a joy to read and sing with you each week. Thanks for being so wonderful!