Planting Seeds ~ Preschool STEAM

Preschool STEAM (for children ages 2-6) is all about having fun with science, technology, math and art!  There is no right or wrong way for children to experiment – the fun and learning comes from the doing!  Early childhood research shows us that little hands and minds learn best when at play.

For our January 2019 STEAM adventure, we focused on planting seeds.


What you will need:

  • Biodegradable pots
  • Soil
  • Seeds
  • Craft Sticks
  • Shovels or something to scoop soil (we used plastic cups)
  • Spray bottle filled with water


CREDIT:  Teaching 2 & 3 Year Olds:


  • Sunlight is energy and photosynthesis is the process plants use to take the energy from sunlight and use it to convert carbon dioxide and water into food. Plants need three basic things to live: water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide. Plants breathe carbon dioxide just like we breathe oxygen.

Children were able to take their pots home to watch their plants grow.  We had a variety of seeds available – flowers, herbs and even chile seeds.  We looked at the seeds and noted how different plants had seeds that were different sizes, shapes and colors.  We also talked about what plants need to thrive and grow – primarily sun, some shade and water.  Good aerated soil doesn’t hurt either.

The benefits to having children garden are plentiful:

  • Children have a better connection with the earth and gain an understanding of where food and flowers come from.
  • They develop patience as they wait for the seeds to grow.
  • They gain responsibility as they take care of the plants
  • They learn about the growth process with opportunities for discussions about more complex concepts in plant biology – photosynthesis and the role of carbon dioxide.

If you want more information about gardening with your child, check out any of the following books at your local Pasadena Public Library:


Our Gardeners at Work (and Play)

The Process: 

  • We opened various seed packets and placed the seeds in small, clear, plastic bowls.  To make things easier, we placed the empty seed packets next to the bowls to help children match the seeds to the correct plant.  Then we  had the children compare the different types of seeds.
  • Soil was placed in a pail so the children could easily scoop it into their pots, almost to the top.
  • Parents/caregivers placed the seeds in the palm of the children’s hands and they used the fingers from the other hand to pinch the seeds and place them in the soil. They then gently pushed some soil on top of the seeds, tucking them in like a blanket.
  • We wrote the names of the plants on the craft sticks and let the children stick these in the soil of their pots.
  • We talked about how seeds need light to grow, and told them they’d need to take their pots to a window sill or brightly lit area at home.
  • We explained how the seeds need water to grow and let each child use a spray bottle to mist the soil, like gentle rain.


The End Result

Children took home their pots of soil with the seeds they’d planted.

Please join us for our next Preschool STEAM program which will take place at Central Library in the Children’s Room Patio – Monday, February 25th from 10:30 -11:30 a.m.


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