Read the story that won 2nd Place in our Fractured Films Writing Contest–a fairytale take on the Avengers (or an Avengers take on fairytales!) written by an amazing duo of writer brothers: Diego and Mateo Fernández! Action-packed and a delight to read, see for yourself why it placed!






















Do you want to hear a story about heroic characters and wicked villains? If you do, this is the perfect tale for you. Let’s begin in Fairytale Kingdom, where all our favorite characters are living after their happy endings have come true, but somewhere deep in the Realm of Darkness malicious minds are at work…

“Do you have what I asked you to retrieve?” asked a deep voice from the shadows.

“Yes,” replied Stepmother as she handed him a fragile glass slipper.

“Thank you. You truly are a loyal follower of mine,” said Wolf as he revealed himself and shattered the glass slipper. Suddenly the room shook with power and Wolf slowly absorbed the force into his right paw.

“No one has wielded the power of not one, but two enchanted items, my lord,” boomed Giant. “Here is the golden egg. Are you ready?”

“Of course! Give me the egg!” exclaimed Wolf as he snatched the egg that lay in Giant’s massive hands. Wolf smashed the delicate egg between his paws and another wave of power shook the room.

…and thus these villains were off on their mission to control Fairytale Kingdom by gathering all six enchanted items in order to destroy all the good fairytale characters that ruined their lives.

A short time later in Fairytale Kingdom…

“Something enormous is approaching from the East!” Robin Hood exclaimed running into the Headquarters of the Fairytale Avengers after keeping watch overnight. Red Riding Hood, the Third Little Pig, Peter Pan, Jack, and the Beast had finished a lunch of Chinese food when they heard loud rumbling noises. Peter Pan quickly ran into his chamber to get his fairy dust in order to face the unknown figure with Beast.

They ran out towards the entrance of the kingdom. As they were outside by the Magic Garden, the unknown figure stepped closer and closer. They could now see that it was Giant.

He demanded, “Tell me where the Rose is!”

Beast questioned, “What’s your deal with the Rose?”

“My master needs it,” answered Giant.

“Who’s your master?” asked Beast as he ran toward him.

“The Almighty Wolf,” said Giant. Giant was standing just a few feet away from Beast. Then suddenly he tried to knock Beast down with his huge hands, but Peter quickly flew up and punched Giant in the face.

“HA! Is that all you’ve got?” laughed Giant.

“Wolf would never be able to handle magic that powerful!” said Peter.

“Oh, I think he would!” answered Giant as he slapped Peter out into the air with his fat hand. “In fact, he’s already absorbed the magic of two enchanted items and he’s collected the rose now as I’ve been distracting you two here!”

Beast screamed, “No! I won’t let you get away with this!” as he scratched Giant’s legs with his sharp claws.

“Too bad because I already did!”, replied Giant and disappeared into the forest.

Meanwhile, after Wolf and Stepmother took the Rose, they were off to find the next enchanted item for the extermination of good characters. First, they would have to meet with Giant by the Candy House.

“The item should be around here,” said Wolf.

“They’re just children. You can just trick them into giving us the candy item,” said Stepmother. “You just need to find them.”

Wolf opened the doors to the house and stepped inside as Stepmother and Giant ran off to fetch the fifth enchanted item, the Pea from the Mattress Princess’ castle. The room was made of nothing but candy – chocolate, lollipops, jellybeans and more. Then he saw Hansel and Gretel. A boy and girl with amber glowing eyes sat on a couch made of candy.

“Who are you and why are you here?” they asked in a soft creepy voice.

Then Wolf began to strike a bargain with them. He said, “I am Wolf. I would like to borrow your enchanted item and in return I’ll give you anything your heart desires when I come back from my kingdom.” Hansel and Gretel brought out the Magical Mint.

“How long would you like to have the item and why do you need it?”

“I would just like to give the children in my kingdom some food. We live in a very poor kingdom,” replied Wolf. “I would only need it for an hour or two.”

“You’re not lying to us, are you?” they asked.

“Of course not. Why would I?” said Wolf.

“Okay, Wolf. You may borrow it,” said the children and they gave him the Magic Mint. He walked out after thanking them.

Wolf stepped out of the Candy House and found Stepmother holding the Magical Pea and with a new black eye on her face.

“Are you okay Stepmother?” Wolf asked.

“Yeah. The Princess tried to defend the Pea and I defeated her, but she did scar me,” said Stepmother.

“It will be all worth it in the end,” said Wolf.

Meanwhile in the Headquarters of the Fairytale Avengers, they planned their attack on Wolf with Snow White’s help. Their plan was to mind control Wolf with Snow White’s power to control all animals. Then Snow White would use mind control to make him forget his plans and accept his life. She had already gone into his mind once and seen that the only item that he needed was a shard from the Magic Mirror in order to be able wipe out all good fairytale characters. The Magic Mirror was now found in the Evil Queen’s castle.

“Great plan! Now let’s go suit up everyone!” announced Jack as he grabbed his shield of beans. Peter ran to his room to get some of his fairy dust and the Third Little Pig grabbed his hammer. Robin Hood went to get his arrows while Little Red Riding Hood and Beast warmed up for the fight. All the Fairytale Avengers were suited up and ready for the big battle that was ahead of them at the Evil Queen’s castle.

A short moment later in the Evil Queen’s castle…

Wolf and his companions entered the castle and began to search the first room for the Magic Mirror when Giant heard a faint noise, like a pig’s snort.

“Fee Fi Fo Fum! I smell a pig’s bum!” said Giant in a loud voice.

Suddenly an arrow grazed Wolf’s arm. The Fairytale Avengers were there in the top corners of the room waiting for a fight and now jumped down to attack! Wolf caught the arrow and filled it with power, throwing it back at the Avengers. KABOOM! There was a big explosion of power!

Then all of the Avengers got up again, dirty and hurt, but ready to fight. Jack ran full speed at Wolf and threw his shield at him. Wolf caught it and broke it in half. Then Pig threw his magic hammer at Wolf’s face.

“You think you can fight me, little pig? Remember, in our story I try to eat you,” said Wolf.

“We beat you then!” said Pig. “And we’ll beat you now!”

“HA! I just need one more item to get rid of all you good characters!” laughed Wolf as he sent an energy beam towards Pig. Beast quickly jumped to push Pig out of the way but was wounded by the blast.

Meanwhile, Red Riding Hood and Peter were fighting Giant and Stepmother. Red Riding Hood was dodging punches left and right until suddenly Stepmother tackled her and backed her into a corner, overwhelming her.

“Now you’re all alone,” cackled Stepmother.

“She’s not alone!” said Snow White as she approached.

Stepmother looked up and saw that Snow White and Red Riding Hood had teamed up to defeat her.

At the same time, Peter planned to attack Wolf after defeating Giant with fairy dust. Wolf ran to grab the Mirror, but Peter stopped him by flying in front of him and blocking his path. Wolf swung his paw at Peter, but right at that moment Hansel and Gretel barged into the castle, making the power of the Magic Mint disappear from Wolf’s body. Wolf twirled onto the floor.

Hansel and Gretel said, “We knew you were lying to us back at the Candy House, so we gave you a fake.”

Suddenly Snow White put her hands on Wolf’s head while he was still on the floor.

“Let go of the past, Wolf. It’s time to start a new life. You can’t live this way, Wolf. There has to be a happy ending,” said Snow White as she was mind controlling him. Wolf’s hatred of good characters was erased.

Months later after the battle…

Wolf happily spent his days in the kitchen of the Avengers’ Headquarters, making them meals and building friendships with them. Giant tended the Magic Garden while Stepmother became the librarian for Fairytale Kingdom, and all the enchanted items were returned back in their true forms to their original locations. And they lived happily ever after!