On Thursday, March 15, kids came to the Studio on 4th at Pasadena Central Library to learn about HTML and CSS, and build a website that would be an interactive birthday card or greeting for a friend. We used the WebLab at Code.org which allows you to see your webpage appear simultaneously in a side viewer. It’s a great tool for teaching kids how to code! We got a long way through the presentation we had prepared, and completed all our work with HTML. But we didn’t get through much of the CSS in the hour time we had allotted. So we had a file loaded onto our library laptops to give the kids a basic CSS stylesheet to plug into their webpage.

Here is what a few of the kids came up with! Click the images to see the webpages they created. (They are best viewed in Internet Explorer, because other browsers change the font.)

Here are the slides I made, so that you can go through and learn the CSS stuff that we didn’t have time to finish:

And here is the handout I made: