Stop Motion Animation

This month’s kids STEAM workshop was stop motion animation. Recommended for kids ages 8 and up.

Stop Motion Studio

We used the Stop Motion Studio free app using iPads. The app is free in the App Store [click on the image above for the link], but there’s also a pro version with many more useful features not available on the free app. For the pro version, click here, or search for CATEATER for Stop Motion Studio Pro.


Here’s a video introducing the concept of stop motion animation:

Here’s a video with basic instructions on how to get started on Stop Motion Studio app:

And a sample video of a stop motion film made by a teen here at the library:



  • iPads with Stop Motion app
  • figurines
  • large post-it sheets
  • markers
  • Scrabble letters
  • legos
  • adjustable book stands (to hold iPads)
  • scissors
  • pencils


Getting started

  1. Think of a story that can be told in a minute or less (this can be longer if the workshop/time is longer)
  2. Map out the scenes / create your storyboard
  3. Gather your characters
  4. Add a scenery (could be drawn)
  5. Add props
  6. Position your device
  7. Film



by Mateo F (age 9) & Diego F (age 9)

by Jacob M (age 9) & Orion H (age 9)

by Aiden M (age 8)

by Aiden D (age 12)

by Aiden D (age 12), with assistance from Joseph S (age 8)

by Elisa B (age 8) & Ava B (age 8)

by Shaheenaaz E (age 11), Sequoia T (age 11), Angelina W (age 11)

by Sage K (age 9), Isabel H (age 9), Logan M (age 11)

Stop motion film by Laris M (age 11) and Felix M (age 9)

Jane Gov

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