Space: Preschool Storytime

After NASA’s Mars InSight landing last week (which you can still see archived video of here!!) I’ve been inspired to do storytime books about space. On top of that, we recently got a great new book about the Earth I was dying to share!

Books We Shared

Flannel Board Counting

Eight Little Planets


One little two little three little planets
Four little five little six little planets
Seven little planets and here’s the eight planet
Orbiting the sun.

Mercury Venus and the earth
Mars Jupiter and Saturn
Uranus and here is Neptune
orbiting the sun.

Video We Shared

We watched a video based on the book “Stars! Stars! Stars!” by Bob Barner on the Robot Zot DVD.

Songs and Rhymes We Shared Without Music

If You’re Going to the Moon

If you’re going to the moon, wear your boots
If you’re going to the moon, wear your boots
If you’re going to the moon, this is what you have to do,
If you’re going to the moon, wear your boots.

…wear your gloves
…wear your helmet


Solar System in Motion

We did a cool activity acting and dancing this one out! Here’s a video from when we did it last year, though I didn’t get a video this time.

(tune: Farmer in the Dell)

The Earth turns around, the Earth turns around,
Once a day, every day, the Earth turns around.

The moon goes round the Earth, The moon goes round the Earth,
Once a month, every month,The moon goes round the Earth.

The Earth goes round the Sun, the Earth goes round the Sun,
Once a year, every year, The Earth goes round the Sun.

The stars are all around, The stars are all around,
Here to there, and everywhere, The stars are all around

(Credit: Johnson County Library)

Music from CDs We Shared

I love to sing and dance to music.  Here’s the song and CD recording that we sang as our opening song for today’s storytime.

“Song In My Tummy” and “Monster Boogie” were both from The Best of the Laurie Berkner Band

Continue the Fun

Want more stories about space?  Check these out at your Pasadena Public Library branch:

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