Monkeys – Preschool Storytime

In last week’s Saturday storytime, we monkeyed around with stories all about these playful primates.

Books We Shared

Be Quiet, Mike! by Leslie Patricelli
Since he was born, monkey Mike has been banging and tapping rhythms all the time.  His family and friends all tell him, “Be Quiet, Mike!”  But when Mike sees a drum kit in a store window, he gets a great idea that may have others changing their chorus.  This is a fun one because kids and parents can repeat “Be Quiet!” again and again.

Spunky Little Monkey by Bill Martin Jr and Michael Sampson, illustrated by Brian Won.
Little Monkey is tired and doesn’t want to get out of bed. Mama calls the doctor and the doctor says — Exercise!  Listeners get to have fun moving along with Little Monkey in this interactive dancing and grooving story.

Two Little Monkeys by Mem Fox, illustrated by Jill Barton
Two little monkeys are playing in a tree, when they spy something scary sneaking underneath them.  What is it?  And can get away from it?  If you know the song “Two Little Blackbirds”, you’ll have fun reading this story to the same tune.

Flannelboard Story

For our flannelboard, we had a story about a very sneaky crocodile.

Three little monkeys, swinging in a tree (hold up three fingers)
Teasing Mr. Crocodile, “Can’t catch me!” (shake pointer finger in tsk, tsk, tsk manner)
Along came Mr. Crocodile, as quiet as could be (palms together, wiggle hands back and forth)
and SNAP! (clap hands on “Snap!”)

Remove a monkey from the board, and continue counting down until no monkeys are left.

Two little monkeys…


In between stories we did some fun movements about monkeys.

Itsy Bitsy Monkey
(to the tune of “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”)
The itsy bitsy monkey climbed up a palm tree (pretend to climb up tree)
Down came a coconut, and hit him on his knee – OUCH!
(“hit” knee with hand, say ouch loudly)
Out came a lion shaking his mighty mane (ROAR!)
And the itsy bitsy monkey climbed up the tree again
(pretend to climb tree, faster this time)

Monkeys Swinging
(to the tune of “Skip to My Lou”)
Monkeys swinging, swinging all day
Monkeys swinging, swinging all day
Monkeys swinging, swinging all day
Swinging til I saaaaaaay —- STOP!

Other verses:
Monkeys tickling, tickling all day… (this one was an audience suggestion!)
Monkeys eating, eating all day…
Monkeys scratching, scratching all day…
Monkeys chatter, chatter all day…

Film We Watched

 Continue the Fun

Here are some more monkey books to check out at your Pasadena Public Library Branch:


Date presented: Saturday, November 18, 2017

Jennifer Driscoll

Jennifer D. is a Senior Librarian of Youth Services . When she was young, she was once grounded for reading too much. Things haven’t changed much since then and she loves escaping into a good story. When she’s not reading she enjoys watching old musicals, scouring flea markets, taking way too many photos and letterpressing. If she could have any pet she wanted she would have a wombat or a manatee.

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