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Our “Art & Play” program for children ages 2-6 focuses on “process art”. With process art the fun is all in the doing, there are no rules;  it involves exploration and tactile learning with no specific outcome.  In the end you always end up with a work of art, even if it isn’t planned!  We host this program once a month at our Central Library.

For October, we focused on dot painting!  We gave the kids dot paints (like bingo marking pens) and blank white paper, and let them have fun!

The Art Supplies

We purchased our Dot paints from Michaels, but you can find them at lots of different retailers, or you could use bingo markers if you have them.

The Process

What can you do with dot paint markers?  Does how much you squeeze you make a difference?  How hard you bring it down on the paper?  Can you write with it?  one thing is certain — you can have a lot of fun with them!


Some of Our Masterpieces

It was amazing to see how many different outcomes you could get with the dot markers.


And even I couldn’t help joining in the fun:

Jennifer Driscoll

Jennifer D. is a Senior Librarian of Youth Services . When she was young, she was once grounded for reading too much. Things haven’t changed much since then and she loves escaping into a good story. When she’s not reading she enjoys watching old musicals, scouring flea markets, taking way too many photos and letterpressing. If she could have any pet she wanted she would have a wombat or a manatee.

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