We read and tested on another Megan McDonald book for Lucha Libros this month: Stink, The Incredible Shrinking Kid / Stink el increíble niño menguante.  The book wasn’t a hard read, but a few of the questions were.  It’s that these kids are doing so well, I have to throw in a few hard ones!

The kids had high energy tonight and there were a few new people.  The auditorium was packed.  I love the retention level this year!  Kids are loving the program and sticking with it month after month.  One child even said very kindly that he wouldn’t mind spending his birthday here next month so that his little brother can continue to compete!  What a sweet big brother, right?

Next month on May 3 we’ll be answering questions about the book Fortunately the Milk / El galáctico, pirático y alienígena viaje de mi padre  by Neil Gaiman.  It’ll be our very last one and the highest scorer (with the most points all year) will go home with the Lucha Libros belt!

me with lucha libros belt 2 me with lucha libros belt

There will be other exciting prizes for kids who either scored high overall or saved up a lot of tickets throughout the year.  If you have a 2nd or 3rd grader who would like to join us, please call 626-744-4725 or send me an email at anhurtado [at] cityofpasadena [dot] net.

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