We had tons of fun with pigs at our Infant and Toddler Storytimes today!

Books We Shared

In infant storytime, we learned that sometimes things are easier with a friend from Pepo and Lolo and the Red Apple by Ana Martín Larrañaga.  Next we played with all of our piggies, or fingers, with Piggies by Audrey Wood and Don Wood.  While this one was a lot of fun to read in storytime, it also makes a great bedtime choice for little ones.

For toddler storytime we read Tim Harrington’s This Little Piggy a new spin on the classic nursery rhyme.  But THESE piggies get up to a whole lot more adventures than the original five you may know.  Check the book out to find out more!  We also shared Ten Clean Pigs by Carol Roth, illustrated by Pamela Paparone and counted the piggies as they went through their bath-time routine — and were surprised by the silly ending.



Flannelboard Stories

Infant Storytime: The Tail of the Pig
Tail of the Pig flannelboard cropped
(sing to the tune of the “Wheels on the Bus”)

The tail of the pig curls round and round
round and round, round and round.
The tail of the pig curls round and round
All through the mud.

…mouth of a pig goes oink, oink, oink.
…snout of a pig goes root, root, root.
…hooves of a pig go run, run, run.
…ears of a pig go twitch, twitch, twitch.


Toddler Storytime: Old MacDonald
(Pattern and story taken from The Flannel Board Storytelling Book 2nd Edition  by Judy Sierra)

Old MacDonald had a farm
And on that farm he had a PIG
With an oink oink here
and an oink oink there
Here an oink, there an oink,
everywhere an oink oink
Old MacDonald had a farm

Nursery Rhyme we Shared in Infant Storytime

Our nursery rhyme also doubled as a fun bounce and lift today.

Dickery Dickery Dare
Template and Rhyme from Mother Goose’s Playhouse by Judy Sierra

Dickery Dickery Dare, (bounce baby on lap)
A pig flew up in the air! (lift baby up into air)
The man in brown
Soon brought him down. (bring baby back down)
Dickery Dickery Dare. (bounce baby on lap)

Film We Watched in Toddler Storytime

“Iggy’s Pet Friends” from Baby’s First-Word Stories: Pets

Who is knocking on Iggy’s door?  All her friends, asking for her help with their pets!

 Rhymes We Shared

We had a lot of fun doing action rhymes at storytime!


Peek a Boo
(to tune of Frere Jacques)
Peek-a-boo, Peek-a-boo (play peek-a-boo)
I see you, I see you (point at baby)
I see your little nose  (touch baby’s nose)
I see your tiny toes (touch baby’s toes)
Peek-a-boo.  Peek-a-boo. (play peek-a-boo again) 

To Market, To Market
(Bounce baby on lap as you recite the rhyme)
To market to market to buy a fat pig
Home again, home again jiggity jig.
To market, to market to buy a fat hog
Home again, home again jiggity jog.
To market, to market to buy a plum bun
Home again, home again market is done.

Round and Round the Garden
Round and round the garden (circle finger around baby’s bellybutton)
Goes the teddy bear
A one step, a two step, (move fingers up the chest)
A tickle-y under there. (tickle under the chin)


 Continue the Fun

The library has a many more wonderful stories to read and get you bouncing!  Visit your local Pasadena Public Library branch to read these or discover others.


Children’s Room – Infant Toddler Storytime – 4/5/2016

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