We read some fun BOOKS about bears!  THERE was a bear bored with his surroundings  who visited his friends in their natural habitats, a bear who loves red, ripe strawberries and STOMPS through the forest when he smells one, and a bear who remembers a wondrous place that is now only a distant dream until a little girl makes a “FREEING” decision.

There was even a DRAW and TELL activity about a storytime teddy bear!  PHEW!  We covered lots of bear ground but still had time left to dance/make music with some egg shakers.  Here are some of the books and activities we shared during Bears & Such:


welcomehomebearWelcome Home, Bear – the bear in this story is bored and wants to seek a more exciting habitat, but as he visits his friends mole in the underground (too stuffy), goat way up in the mountains (too steep), polar bear in the arctic (toooo cold, brrrrr…) and his many other friends in their habitats, he realizes his home base is just right for him!  A beautifully illustrated story by Il Sung Na.


LittleMouse1This classic picture book story by Don and Audrey Wood, always seems to be a crowd pleaser, no matter how young or old the audience.  Little mouse finds a red, ripe, juicy strawberry and is ready to eat it until the narrator reminds him of the BIG HUNGRY BEAR who loves strawberries.  Mouse has to find a way to protect himself and his strawberry from that pesky bear.



I know a bearA little girl listens to her bear friend recount stories about a wondrous place called the “land of the bears” where the “breakfast is sweet” and the “trails are lush…”  Of course we find out that bear can’t go there anymore because he lives in the zoo.  But the little girl comes home to her pet bird in a cage and decides to let her bird fly away…guess who comes next?  Simple text with very few words but a powerful story about animals and their need to roam free.



Chalk in Hand:  The Draw and Tell Book

by Phyllis Noe Pflomm

Click onto the links below for the draw and tell from start to finish!

Teddy Bear Storytime 1

Teddy Bear Storytime 2

Teddy Bear Storytime 3




Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What do you See?

Brown bear brown bear

I see a red bird looking at me…

Red bird, red bird, what do you see?

I see a yellow duck looking at me…

Repeat with white dog, purple cat, blue horse, green frog and end with

Goldfish, goldfish, what do you see?  I see children looking at me!


We’re Going to the Market

(shake the egg shakers to the rhythm of the music)

We’re going to the market, we’re going to the fair,

To see a senorita with flowers in her hair.

So shake it baby, shake it, shake it if you can, shake it like a milkshake and drink it from a can.

Shake it to the bottom, shake it to the top and turn around and turn around until I holler STOP!  (Repeat verse again)

Take from:  Kathy Reid-Naiman – I Love to Hear the Sounds CD

Our VIDEO:  Bear Snores On!

Bear Snores On



Bear's loose tooth

horrible bear bear is not tired