We had a fun tech program for kids yesterday, a kind of open house for the iPad apps and toys we have acquired!  We played with Wonder Workshop robots and Osmo game systems, toys that extend the two-dimensional screen of the iPad to three-dimensional play.  Kids and parents had a lot of fun, and every single kid was able to try every single toy.

First, let me start this post with a video, because these toys have to be seen in action to be truly appreciated. 🙂

The Wonder Workshop robots were probably the favorite–especially the zooming, grooving Dash!  Miss Jennifer constructed a maze for the kids to drive Dash around in.




And Dot gave kids a chance to play with Blockly, a programming app similar to Scratch that allows kids to code the robot’s lights and sounds.


We played with a game called Newton that sees what you draw on a piece of paper and uses your lines as barriers for bouncing balls! The objective: to make the balls land on certain targets. It’s not as easy as it looks!


And we played with Tangram puzzles!


I’m so glad everyone got to try everything in the time that we had. It made me and Miss Jennifer feel very proud of our program planning skillz. 🙂 Join us for more all summer long!