Tonight’s Mother Daughter Book Club discussed the book A Snicker of Magic by Natalie Lloyd, a magical realism book about a contemporary girl who has an extraordinary ability to see words everywhere that other people don’t see.  It’s also about a charming Tennessee town which fell under a curse and has to be redeemed so that they can get their magic back.  The moms said it was a really delightful read and much lighter fare than some of the other books we read this year. 🙂  Highly recommended!

In the book, Felicity receives a magic tattoo of a bird that appears just to give her strength and confidence to do what she needs to do.  We did our own tattoos too!









Then we thought about a person in our lives who needs encouragement from “The Beedle.”  The Beedle is an anonymous giving person in the town of Midnight Gulch who performs acts of kindness and leaves people notes of encouragement.  DSCN0013


If you’d like to download my template for the stationery click on the link below!

beedle exercise

beedle exercise